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Getting Around Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs is a dynamic city that allows people to get around in many ways. Walking is of course the easiest way to find the hidden gems on every street, and to enjoy the architectural pieces you will undoubtedly encounter. However, there are various options for you to get to know the city and enjoy your stay. You can mix and match depending on what you want to do each day, and you can even plan to add a touch of style to your trip. 


You may want a bit more flexibility if you’re seeking to spend time in the surrounding National Parks, or the nearby cities that compose the Coachella Valley. Or maybe you just want to cruise the downtown area and enjoy every corner of it. It depends on the kind of travel you like to do, and how much flexibility you want to add to your days. Again, you can always mix and match, and change your means of transportation in line with the activities you have set up for each day. 


Of course, it is not the same to plan for yourself as planning for a group, but there are options available for everyone’s needs. The following are some of our best recommendations regarding getting around the city. 

Arriving at the Airport

Luckily the airport is only 20 minutes away from downtown Palm Springs. There are many options for you there and here are some of the best: 


  • Uber or Lyft services are effective and always available at the terminal
  • Taxis can be a bit less expensive and also service from the terminal directly
  • Cardiff Limousine & Transportation is a more luxurious way of traveling from the airport. They provide airport transportation to all Southern California airports and you can arrange your pick-up and departure with anticipation so you can travel stress-free. 

Get Some Wheels

Palm Springs is a generally walkable city, and most of downtown can be explored by walking around and making use of all the pedestrian facilities. However, it can be easier to move if you have some wheels. 


Renting a Car


This is a very popular option, and you can rent a car directly at the Airport upon your arrival. Parking is usually free for up to four hours in the downtown area. If you’re opting for a rather eco-friendly option you will find several electric charging stations across the Coachella Valley and even within some hotels. You can always verify before making that choice.  


Bike Ride 


Most of the Palm Springs hotels and resorts offer complimentary rentals for guests. There are several bike parking stations across the downtown area. The city has invested in expanding the bike roads and there are protected paths exclusive for bikes and pedestrians. Throughout the city, you will find dedicated bike lanes and shared roadways that make biking a fun and safe option to get around. 


Additionally, there are public bike repair stations at Palm Springs Visitor Center, Demuth Park, and Palm Springs Public Library. You can find many rental options for motorbikes, e-bikes, and bicycles within the downtown area. There has been an enormous effort to connect bike lanes in Palm Springs and the nearest cities through a 40-mile bike lane. This project has already been initiated and currently, there is a 2.3-mile stretch from Vista Chino in Palm Springs to Cathedral City open for use. 

Get Around in Style 

Palm Springs is known for its Hollywood glamour and history, and adding a bit of sparkle to the way you go from one way to another can be a great idea to incorporate a bit of that glamour. 

Some luxury options to arrive and travel in style

  • Skycap Shuttle Service provides Luxury SUV, Town Car, and Van Shuttle Service to all locations in Palm Springs and surrounding desert cities. It is a great option to move around within the city in some high-end vehicles.  
  • Lin Lines offer group, corporate and private transportation services through an elite fleet of professional transportation. This is a great option for any business groups traveling that want to make their stay as convenient as possible. The cost varied depending on the size of the group. 
  • Cardiff Limousine & Transportation offers convention and private transportation services within the Palm Springs area which you can easily arrange and ensure you are getting around in the most convenient way possible. 

Moving from Palm Springs to the Surrounding Area


Palm Springs is only one of the nine cities within Coachella Valley, and if you’re up for some touring around you can easily explore the nearest cities through some bus routes


  • SunLine provides bus service on nine lines in the Coachella Valley, you can check your routes and plan for your trip. Routes 1, 2, and 4 will get you around Palm Springs. Part of SunLine’s fleet runs on zero-emission hydrogen fuel cells and electric technology. Fares run 50 cents to $1 for a single ride and up to $3 for a day pass. You can use their app to make things more convenient.
  • AM-PM Shuttle Service provides transportation in the Greater Palm Springs area and makes it easy to travel between the cities. 

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