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Desert Oasis Getaways is a destination-brand and luxury vacation home rental in Palm Springs, California offering magnificent and unique accommodations. We are the best choice for people seeking a fun getaway with a touch of extravagance to enjoy the many events and activities in Palm Springs.

Our stunning vacation home rentals are designed to accommodate your every need while providing a cozy and comfortable environment that makes you feel right at home. Whether you’re looking to host an intimate dinner with a unique flare or throw an unforgettable party, our homes offer plenty of space and can comfortably accommodate up to 14 people.

Whether you’re looking for an extravagant mansion for a large group with all the amenities, or something more intimate but still luxurious, we’ve got you covered.

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We're Committed

At Desert Oasis Getaways, we’re committed to providing you with the ultimate luxury getaway experience. Our properties have been designed and perfected to transmit a unique personality and vibe that can be perceived instantly. We take care of every aspect to ensure you have access to the best-quality accommodations.

We Love To Explore

We believe that the best memories are built within spaces and adventures that take your breath away. To achieve that, we have explored and developed unique accommodations that can transport you into a magnificent state of mind, where everything seems possible.

We Take It Slow

Palm Springs offers the perfect getaway environment and we want you to enjoy every aspect of it. Planning out your activities and the events you want to attend will ensure you have the best time possible. The best things are meant to be savored, which is why we take our time to ensure we are providing you with the best services possible.

We Keep It Simple

While our homes offer complex designs and curated elements, our goal is simple: providing you with the best and most glamorous stay possible. We have made it easy for you to access and use our rental spaces so you can enjoy them as much as possible.


We specialize in high-end, unique short-term rental properties that can accommodate a large group of people for a weekend or longer. We have a wide array of options for all your needs! From our gorgeous kitchens to our spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, we’ve thought of everything to make your stay as relaxing and luxurious as possible. We provide high-quality linens, towels, toiletries, and China to meet all your needs.

With lakefront pools, fire pits, mountain views, designated workspaces, arcade rooms, and surround systems, our homes are amazingly unique, technological, and artistic. You will find everything you could need or want to have the perfect getaway with the Palm Springs Hollywood glamour.

Each of our spaces offers excellence in every aspect to ensure you and your guests can enjoy a stunning time. Our homes provide the perfect aesthetic for social media content, incredible celebrations, launch parties, and any other events you want to elevate through an extraordinary environment.


Home to iconic music and film festivals, Palm Springs is a carefree destination that merges adventure, art, and sophistication. Find the perfect activity for you!

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